Rockport History Quiz

  1. Rockport was originally known as Hanging Rock. Who changed the name to Mount Duvall?
  2. What resident, as a youth in Ohio, received a patent for a sheep-shearing machine, whose ideas was later used for a dental machine?
  3. Who is recognized as the first legal landowner in what is now known as Rockport.
  4. Who wrote, in the late 1800's, an arithmetic book for kindergarten and first grade students that used wooden cubes to teach notation?
  5. Who married, Jane Smithers, daughter of William Smithers who was the first settler at Yellow Banks, now known as Owensboro, Kentucky?
  6. It is said Alberta Huffman was born on the third floor of the old Rockport High School. Who was her father?
  7. What Rockport resident represented this area as a delegate to the Indiana State Constitutional Convention in Corydon in 1816?
  8. Who was instrumental for locating the tile mill, strawboard, and pearl button factory in Rockport?
  9. What resident was elected as senator for this area in the first Indiana State Legislature?
  10. What Rockport resident made two attempts at having a bridge built at Rockport, the first in 1907, and a second in the 1930's?
  11. Who introduced legislation authorizing the creation of Spencer County in 1818?
  12. What Rockport resident received patents for water heaters and water meter connections as well as developing a water cooler that didn't use ice?
  13. What Rockport resident succeeded in naming the county after his friend, Spier Spencer?
  14. Who established the water works and the light plant in Rockport?
  15. Who served in both branches of the state legislature--house and senate, was a lawyer, judge, Indian fighter wounded in the Battle of Tippecanoe, and fought in the War of 1812?
  16. Who proposed locating curbs on all streets and planting trees in a systematic manner on Arbor Day?
  17. In whose home, did Abraham Lincoln stay while he was helping Allen Gentry build the flatboat?
  18. In 1957, Rockport High School was named after what prominent citizen?
  19. What Rockport pioneer is buried behind the school superintendent's office on Fifth Street?
  20. Who was known as the "Edison of Spencer County"?


Developed by Raymond Dawson, Spencer County Historical Society, January 17, 2004